Dr. Dawn Morgan -Winter | Veterinarian in Lakeland

Dr. Dawn Morgan -Winter DVM - Veterinarian in Lakeland

Dr. Dawn Morgan -Winter is committed to providing excellence in veterinary care, and stands out as a leading veterinarian in Lakeland. The doctor uses the latest in veterinary techniques to provide your pets with exceptional care. Read more about Dr. Dawn Morgan -Winter below.

Dr. Dawn Morgan -Winter
Dr. Dawn Morgan-Winter remembers always wanting to be a veterinarian and if you ask her family, they will tell you same. They recall funny stories of her “adopting” other families’ outside cats and rescuing injured wildlife like turtles, baby squirrels, and owls to nurse back to health or hoping to make them make pets. Lucky for animal lovers, Dr. Dawn Winter pursued her childhood dreams and made them her life’s passion when she decided to become a veterinarian. 
Dr. Dawn Winter earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State College of Veterinary Medicine and Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine.  After graduation, she returned home to practice veterinary medicine in Lakeland. Dr. Dawn Winter continues to seek out opportunities to better practice medicine and has earned Certificates in Veterinary Rehabilitation and Acupuncture.
Outside of owning Lakeland Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center and dedicating herself to practicing the highest quality veterinary care, Dr. Dawn Winter enjoys spending time her husband of more than 20 years and her teenage son. She enjoys traveling to new places to experience the food and culture offered around the globe.